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ISS Forged Presents the Controversial Nissan 350Z with 2JZ Swap and FS6 Wheels


Since the 1980s, the rivalry between Toyota and Nissan has been very intense, with many enthusiasts drawing a line in the sand when it came to the two automakers. But Steven Mills is looking to bring both sides together with the help of ISS Forged and his highly controversial Toyota 2JZ-powered Nissan 350Z.


The pairing of two foes was the idea of Mills, a 30-year old Quality Control Manager from South Texas. After spending over $10,000 on a twin-turbocharger setup for his 2004 Nissan 350Z’s VQ35 engine and finding himself unsatisfied with the results, Mills decided to start all over again and contemplated swapping in a GM LS or Nissan RB, but instead opted to go with an unheard-of Toyota 2JZ-GTE swap.


It was a beginning of a controversial pairing of two rival automakers that resulted in a high-performance coupe with a new ISS Forged FS6 fitment to bring it all together. Mills enlisted the help of the engine swap specialists at Tech 2 Motorsports in Redding, CA, a few friends, and third party shop to help transplant the new 2JZ engine with single-turbo setup from a 1998 Supra.


Luckily, the removal of the VQ35 engine and installation of the 2JZ was straightforward and uncomplicated thanks to custom motor mounts, new drivetrain cross-members, and a four-inch front-mount intercooler from Tech 2 Motorsports paired up with custom turbo exhaust work. With the engine in place and ready to spin the newly fitted set of ISS Forged FS6 wheels, other modifications such as AEM V1 ECU mapping and the installation of new oil coolers, fuel pump, and HKS exhaust were completed. Once the 2JZ-GTE engine is mated to a new transmission in the future, the car should easily be capable of producing a monstrous 700 horsepower.


Although the carbon fiber hood hides the diabolical engine swap, Mills Nissan 350Z is hardly a sleeper, especially with its crown jewels, the ISS Forged FS6 wheels, putting all of the power to the ground. Mills enlisted the help of ISS Forged to provide a set of forged wheels that could handle the additional power created by the 2JZ without negatively affecting weight or performance. New six-spoke, three-piece ISS Forged FS6 wheels were installed in a 9.5 x 19-inch front and 11.0 x 19-inch rear setup, and were given a vibrant Lamborghini Verde Ithaca finish with contrasting black inner barrels, Project Kics R40 Neo Chrome lugs, and ARP titanium hardware. To ensure that maximum grip is achieved, the ISS FS6 forged wheels were equipped with 265/30 R19 front and 315/25 R19 rear Nitto Invo tires.


Hidden behind the stunning ISS Forged FS6 wheels are new suspension and brakes that make the 350Z an exemplary performer on the track. New GReddy Type S coilovers lower the car’s center of gravity help give it precise handling dynamics, while a GReddy big brake kit ensures that the 350Z can stop on a dime.


Finishing off the exterior upgrades on Steven Mills’ Toyota – Nissan 350Z hybrid is an ings +1 Type E body kit with carbon fiber hood and large carbon fiber rear spoiler for added downforce. Special carbon fiber components are featured throughout the exterior and contrast the custom Pearl White paint.


Steven Mills Nissan 350Z with Toyota 2JZ engine swap brings together two rivals to produce a one-of-a-kind sports car capable of putting 700 horsepower down to its custom ISS Forged FS6 wheels.


2004 Nissan 350Z Fitment Specifications

Wheel Brand: ISS Forged
Model: FS6
Front Diameter: 19×9.5 inches
Rear Diameter: 19×11 inches
Finish: Lamborghini Verde Ithaca with black inner barrels
Hardware: ARP Titanium
Lugs: Project Kics R40 Neo Chrome

Tire Brand: Nitto
Model: Invo
Front: 265/30R19
Rear: 315/25R19

Suspension and Brakes:
Suspension: GReddy Type S coilovers and strut bar
Brakes: GReddy big brake kit with 13- and 14-inch discs and four- and six-piston calipers with stainless steel lines
Engine: Type: 3.0 liter 1998 Toyota 2JZ-GTE with single-turbo setup
-Tech 2 Motorsports engine mounts, 4-inch intercooler, solid driveshaft, custom transmission and cross-members
-Precision turbocharger
-HKS titanium exhaust system with custom turbo piping
-GReddy Profec B Spec II boost controller
-OBX pulleys
-10lb Nitrous Express kit
-Toyota Aristo five-speed automatic transmission swap

Nissan 350Z with 2JZ Swap on ISS Forged FS-6
Nissan 350Z with 2JZ Swap on ISS Forged FS-6
Nissan 350Z with 2JZ Swap on ISS Forged FS-6
Nissan 350Z with 2JZ Swap on ISS Forged FS-6
Nissan 350Z with 2JZ Swap on ISS Forged FS-6
Nissan 350Z with 2JZ Swap on ISS Forged FS-6
Nissan 350Z with 2JZ Swap on ISS Forged FS-6
Nissan 350Z with 2JZ Swap on ISS Forged FS-6